and make gentle the life of this world

Remembering Riya

"For years the dairy industry took her babies from her. In a final cruel act, it took her from her baby.  #RememberRiya.

We first learned of the 4-year old Guernsey cow in need last October when an employee at a local farm contacted us pleading for our help in saving her favorite cow from going to auction/slaughter after the farm deemed her unprofitable due to chronic illness.  We immediately contacted the farm and offered sanctuary but they declined stating that it was their policy that all animals had to be sold through auction for "highest profit".  Heartbroken as we were, we could do no more.  We thought the story would end here.



To promote whole, vegan living through education and experience designed to celebrate the interconnectedness of all living beings, to provide sanctuary to animals in needs, and to share our message of compassionate healing and enduring love throughout the human community.



Lasa is located on 10.6 acres in Jefferson, Ohio and is home to over 110 animals of 16 different species, each one rescued from a circumstance of cruelty, neglect, exploitation, or abandonment.

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Vegan Living

Veganism is a celebration of life and a practice in intentional living.  At Lasa, we embrace, encourage, and endorse vegan ideals as symbolic of our true nature as compassionate members of one family.


Compassionate Community

Lasa Sanctuary serves as an education center and meeting place designed to celebrate diversity and universal compassion.


Human Herd

Lasa is an all-volunteer organization founded and led by Joy and Thomas Karuna and supported by do-gooders across the city, state, nation, and globe.


Sponsorships are our primary means of funding daily care costs for the animals of Lasa, including feed, supplies, and medications. Ranging from just $.33 to $3 a day, sponsorships are a fun and affordable way to make a huge impact. Sponsorships include a 4x6 color photo, sponsorship certificate, brief animal bio, VIP tour access, and "on demand" updates. They make great gifts and group projects!

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Give Love. Help Save A Life

All funding support goes directly to animal care and programming costs, we need your help to keep our momentum of care and kindness going.

2016 Imagine Gathering

Saturday November 5th, 2016

Join Lasa Sanctuary for our season's end event celebrating another year of compassion, love, and rescue. We will unite in intention and inspire one another for ongoing positive change in our world. The evening will include dinner provided by our *Friends of Lasa* and Human Herd, poetry readings, a themed music concert by Tree of Life!


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Feedback & Reviews

From our Visitors and Volunteers

"I can honestly say this place changed me forever. All of the happy fuzzy, furry, feathery, and fluffy faces that have found solace here show that we can live in harmony and respect all living things. We are all equal. Happiness, love, compassion: Lasa!" 

Lance Gentile, 2016

"Visiting Lasa was honestly the best day of my life. The animals are so happy and were so friendly. I got to meet goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, and deer! Joy was such an incredible guide -- she introduced us to all the animals and told us their unique stories, provided us with food the feed the animals, allowed us to hold and pet the animals, and took pictures for us with a professional camera so we could enjoy our visit without being distracted. It was so eye opening to get to meet such majestic, intelligent animals that are normally only considered as food. I am so proud to be a vegan after visiting Lasa and can't wait to go back and visit! If you love animals and want to learn more about veganism and cruelty free living then visiting Lasa is a must! Thank you Joy and your husband for everything!

Kelsey Kornblut, 2016

"Visiting Lasa was an unbelievable experience. I had been following the Lasa animals stories for over a year and it was amazing to meet every single one of them up close and personal. I loved hearing Joy speak about their story of how they came to Lasa which even more solidified why I chose to live a compassionate life. Joy was a wonderful guide and told many adorable stories of the animals personalities as well as what they liked and how to pet them. My day at Lasa was such a moving one and I can't wait for my next trip!!"

Suzy Steele, 2016