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Nanda Jo was born on a farm breeding sheep for meat for over a decade.  Her life and the lives of her entire flock were saved when the farmer’s son took it upon himself to learn about at-home slaughter after he noticed how stressful transporting was on the sheep.  What the son learned upset him […]



Rumi Zendegi was bred as a designer pet on the other side of the world where he found himself the victim of severe abuse when he was thrown from a 50-foot balcony.  Rumi suffered a broken spine and his home country of Iran lacked the specialized care he needed.  Rescuers there did their best to […]



Hugo Michael was rescued from his life as a breeding stud in a home-based “mini pig” operation where for the first few years of his life he was kept in a small 2×3 foot wooden enclosure and underfed to keep him small.  The breeders offered him up on Craigslist after they determined he should no […]



Virginia “Ginny” Beth was orphaned as a young fawn.  She was rescued by the Cleveland Musuem of Natural History under old wildlife laws that permitted the rehabbing of wild deer.  When the museum initiated a new remodeling project, the board opted not to rebuild a deer enclosure due to changes in ONDR laws forbidding further […]



Each year across rural regions retailers promote spring “chick days,” during which they sell assorted chicks, ducklings, and turkey poults in groups of six or more to anyone willing to pay a few dollars.  The hatchlings are sourced from large scale hatcheries and shipped by the hundreds overnight via the U.S. Postal service at just […]



Theodore Logan was born on an industrial hog farm where shortly after his birth he was tattooed, castrated, and had his tail docked without pain relief.  A few weeks later he was loaded onto a transport truck bound for the feed lot where he would be fattened for eventual slaughter.  Theo managed to hide in […]



Amelia was rescued from a roadway nearby her previous home where neighbors had expressed concern for the animals after children were observed hitting them with shovels and rocks.  She arrived with severe trauma including a swollen eye, broken jaw, fractured beak, and several lacerations.  Her prognosis was unclear, but Amelia is a fighter.  She cooperated […]


Jasper Prana

Jasper Prana was a bobby calf born on a dairy and veal farm in PA. Feeling the calf was unprofitable, they posted him to Craigslist with the simple description of “Must be gone by the weekend”.  Luckily, we saw their post first and arranged to pick up the 8 week old Jersey boy the following […]


Sponsorships are our primary means of funding daily care costs for the animals of Lasa, including feed, supplies, and medications. Ranging from just $.33 to $3 a day, sponsorships are a fun and affordable way to make a huge impact. Sponsorships include a 4x6 color photo, sponsorship certificate, brief animal bio, VIP tour access, and "on demand" updates. They make great gifts and group projects!

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