Compassionate Community

Respect is the only rule. Love, the only language

Lasa Sanctuary serves as an education center and meeting place designed to celebrate diversity and universal compassion. We encourage personal interaction and authentic experience.   We aim to be an inspired gathering place for the compassionate, the open, and the concerned where our united spirit can bring about change, peace, and joy in our collective world.

Lasa was started to help alleviate the pain and suffering we saw around us.  We know our space and resources are limited but at the same time, we know the ripple effect possible through altruistic action is anything but!   As our animals heal, as people learn that their compassion and generosity can have real and immediate effects on the world and it’s beings, we are all gifted with wellness and an inner sanctuary of our own. 

Our supporters and community are the foundation of Lasa Sanctuary.  Without YOU we can’t do what we do!  We are always looking for more ways to become involved with new friends, businesses, and organizations and love creative ideas and collaborations.