They needed rescue, and they now have sanctuary.

Lasa Sanctuary provides life-long sanctuary to abused, neglected, displaced, and special needs animals so that they may live in safety and loving comfort as ambassadors for their species and embodiments of enduring hope and healing.

At Lasa every life is respected and cherished. We believe in the power of unity and the strength of love to heal the hearts and minds of people and animals in need. Lasa sits on 10.6 acres in Northeast Ohio and is currently home to over 110 animals of 16 different species including dogs, cats, cattle, deer, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and several special needs individuals.

We often get asked, "How do you get your animals?" And, to that there is no simple answer. Some animals find their way to us through our network of sanctuaries and rescue groups. We have worked with groups from our own county, across the state, nation, and even globe! Other animals have been discovered as strays wandering the streets, and some have come through the court system after authorities seized them from cruelty cases. In a few incidences, we have had animals surrendered directly from working farms or breeding facilities due to advocacy efforts or the animal’s medical needs. (We do not generally accept "owner release" animals.) No matter how they arrived, two things are certain. They needed rescue, and they now have sanctuary.

Lasa animals are here to stay, we are not an adoption-based group but rather a life-long sanctuary, as we feel it is important for the animals to be permitted to form the bonds needed to heal their spirits and once established, we refuse to break them. In rare cases, we do network with other sanctuaries if our own lacks the bonds needed for an individual to thrive.


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